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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 12, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PST

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they tweeted. how about instead of judging others. people step up and read to kids themselves . >> that is the best one all day. >> it is 7live on line. and e-mail us at it is hard to get your kids to read. it is part of the nightly tradition. it is put the books away. he other distractions . it is constantly reading. >> i have to say i was looking at our facebook reaction. i have mary. who commented on facebook. i want to know what nail polish.
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>> i don't know. i am so sorry. but is it is shellack. it means it lasts two and half or three weeks. >> and we have that recipe on the website. >> i got my fill of it. and we'll break out the wine after the show. and we'll check you out on monday. have a terrific weekend. i am check you out on sunday morning on kgo radio. bye-bye.
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we are asking the campers to leave the plaza now and leave peacefully. >> police hand out final eviction notices in occupy oakland tonight. >> so far no one is budging. >> just peace peacefully leave. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the stage could be set for another showdown between protestors and police. >> late news on one of protestors injured on the first attempt to rost campers. scott olson is out of the hospital tonight. >> he was injured in a clash with police during a protest in oakland. he is still not able to talk,
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communicating only through text and e-mail. >> now, to the protest itself. tomas ramon is live tonight. the situation there could change soon. >> reporter: yes, it could. because of the injuries the investigator scott olson received during police actions, veterans against the war came to occupy oakland today. they led a march against police brutality. >> 30 veterans went to the camp today making the protest to injuries veterans received from oakland police while trying to protest peacefully last week. >> four american military veterans, iraq veterans against the war and veterans for peace have been brutally attacked by police during resent actions related to occupyans led>> the l but loud march to 21st and back to the oakland police station. they said end the war.
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they yelled stop beating veterans. while they marched they handed out this notice to the campers. they say karj camping is illegal here. they are to take down the tents immediately. they took the with a warning in stride. >> they gave us several notices and also gave us a two-hour warning. when it comes from the two-hour warning. >> the mayor released a white dove. she says the fatal shooting near the plaza was another example of the violence caused by the occupy camp and another reason why it has to go. >> we are asking the campers to leave the plaza now and to leave peacefully. we are asking the community. i'm here to ask the community to help me work, to talk to the people at the plaza. to see if we can do this as a city. >> the city may have to go it
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alone. they sayameda county alameda coy sheriff's department will not respond to another call for mutual aid. >> it's designed for emergencies. this is no longer an emergency when you have allowed people to come in and camp out. >> reporter: now, the sheriff's department says if oakland wants to hire officers to help clear the plaza it will cost $1,000 per officer. we spoke to a protestor who says when the camp is cleared again they will bring the tents right back in. >> police ever now released descriptions of last night's fatal shooting at the plaza. one of the frequent resident of the camp. he is an african-american man known as alex that was shot last night. he died at a local hospital. the first suspect was described as african-american with short hair, 20-25.
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about 5'9", 150 pounds. witnesses say he was a regular at occupy oakland. the second suspect is also african-american, about 20-30 years old. 5'9" to five len with long dreadlocks. he may also have a tattoo on the back of his neck. he was wearing a black hoodie. >> a spokesperson for u.c. berkeley says the university will investigate to the protest there. grabbing a professor by the hair and shoving her toward waiting officers. they were pulled by the hair and pulled to the ground. seven protestors were arrested. the video is from the online young a young skateboarder is d and another injured after being hit by a garbage truck in vallejo. they say they were sitting on a skateboard when they ended underneath the garbage truck and
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then run over by it. 12-year-old boy died at kierz violence. the other boy was airlifted with serious injuries. >> two cars went off the road on mount diablo in separated incidents hours apart. one with a deadly result. first incident happened just before noon near the south gate. the driver did not survive. then as the report shows, four hours later another car went off the road a mile away. >> sky 7 looked over the black land rover that plunged and landed in a ravine. >> we found the victim of the crash probably about 70 yards up from the car. she was pronounced dead on arrival. >> hours later a second car just a mile or two from the first. >> apparently lost control and went off the road, went down 60 feet down and ran into a tree. r
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>> this driver survived and called 911. they were in an area that isn't typically that dangerous because it's only about 20 miles an hour is thed is speed there. >> first one, we got the call just before noon. it was pretty clear. the second call, as i was driving up, it was pretty foggy otherwise the helicopter wouldn't have been able to land there. >> the second driver was flown to the hospital to be checked out. as for the woman that died the chp isn't releasing a name. >> u.s. park police and secret service agents are investigating reports of gunfire near the white house tonight. they immediately closed off parts of constitution avenue. they say the white house does not appear to be the focus of this incident. witnesses heard shots and found two vehicles racing. vehicles racing. was abandoneds where police recovered an ak-47
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assault rifle. >> on the campus of penn state a candlelight vigil was held for the victims of the sex scandal. it has forced out the president as well as joe paterno. it was in stark contrast to wednesday night's violent demonstration where police used pepper spray to break it up. they were upset that paterno was fired. >> a kidnapped baseball, wilson ramos was rescued by what venezuelan officials called an air operation. xivps took him two days ago. he is the first major league player to fall victim to that kind of violence. he was found in central venezuela. three men are in custody in connection with his kidnapping. more to come, bay area's exploding gang problem. one community has found a new
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way to fight back. >> also a veteran's day salute on a hillside in lafayette. >> and big surprise for little girl who had the h not seen her dad for a year. all that is coming up. >> i'm terry moran. coming up next, in the wake of penn state abuse scandal, we bring you an exclusive interview with the mother of one of alleged victims, how secretly boys are abused. plus, a
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the growing gang problem in the bay area is hitting some of the smallest communities the hardest. one is south san francisco. vic lee reports the city is now fighting back with a special gang unit. [ siren ] >> it was friday night on the east side of south san francisco. this is gang turf. the officers had just arrived on a routine patrol when two shots rang out. >> you got a couple shots being fired. >> the sergeant danny gill heads
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the team. four officers, full time to fight an exploding gang problem. the gunshots tell you just how bold gangs have become. >> it could have been, letting us know we are here or a warning. >> the shots were fired near a small park where a december gang shooting left three people dead and three others wounded. >> this area is normally the testimony. >> they are arch enemies but as the violence continues the colors are beginning to blur. >> what we've been seeing a lot of red on red rivalry, where it's not usual. [ siren ] >> officers encountered half a dozen suspected gang members a couple streets down. this man had been arrested
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before for carrying weapons. he is now on probation with gang enhancement. >> that means he can't wear any gang clothing. >> they make more stops as night falls. these two vehicle gang members were stopped. they found drugs and a baseball bat between the front seats of car and a switchblade. >> for many of those stops, this is a dead giveaway. red shoes, red caps, some are more creative. there is red underwear. this man had tiny red stitchings on his shirt. warnings about colors have also almost been a mantra. >> they are not going ask questions. you know how it is. it is different now. >> through routine patrols the officers wanted them to know they are always around. jose valencia has been with the
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sorrenos since he was 14. he is now enrolled in a gang intervention problem. he says gang bankers are becoming younger and younger. >> you don't want to have tattoos but it's grown drastically. little kid about 12 years old carrying guns. >> to counter that, they healed meeting and afterschool programs and parents night. >> we will assist them with homework, mathematics and reading and participate in air hockey or fooz ball. >> since they were formed, they have made 200 arrests and confiscated 15 guns. vic lee, "abc 7 news." veterans were remembered around the bay area today. vigil took place in lafayette to pay tribute to more than 600
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servicemen and women who have lost their lives. volunteers have added a white cross for each life lost. now, they update a prominent sign that keeps count of the number of the war dead. the san francisco lesbian gay freedom band led the parade marking the end of the military's ban on openly gay troops. despite the rain, hundreds of people turned out and made their way from market to montgomery streets to city hall. >> in san jose, veterans along santa clara street is the largest in northern california with thousands of people attending this event. >> take a at this. a lovely veterans' day surprise for a little girl. >> a soldier surprised his daughter with a special homecoming at her school in
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alabama. the staff sergeant returned home after serving a year in afghanistan. >> we wanted to see our dad. >> madison hasn't seen her father since last christmas. knowing the support back home makes a huge difference for soldiers serving overseas. >> have the weekend forecast. the rain is moving off o? >> it is moving on. it will be out of here by the time you started your weekend plans. but we still have showers right now. you'll see the very light e, extremely spotty mainly in the north bay, santa rosa, sonoma, napal light, real light showersn the east bay and also down the peninsula in san francisco. a little bit of this is drizzle getting picked up from the clouds. but it was coming down at times.
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take a look at time lapse from high definition mount tamalpais camera. this is rain coming down. a little bit of a breeze, some areas picking up some real good rainfall specifically look at ben lomond, .8 of an inch. about a third in oakland, san francisco, mill valley, santa rosa, picking up .13 inches. san jose, .04. enough to slow you down. temperatures in the 50s and here are the highlights. turning sunny tomorrow, we're looking at partly cloudy conditions on sunday. dry and mild early next week. so looking ahead to the workweek i wanted to show it to you. >> overnight readings, few showers in and in the 40s. here is the cold front that brought us the rain. it is now heading into southern california and that is where
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they are starting to pick up rainfall. right now, around the santa barbara area, but they will see it continuing for a potential possible thunderstorm or two heading into afternturday aftern as the low goes into northern baja. so if you have travel plans there, keep th it in mind. it's going to be a sunny day. 61 in san francisco. 64 for you in santa rosa. you get out to the east bay, low 60s, oakland, concord, antioch, 63 degrees in san jose. in the south bay, down the peninsula, san mateo, palo alto, low 60s. half moon bay, 59. san francisco, 61 degrees. monterey, 64 in santa cruz and inland in morgan hill. we have a lot of games going on this weekend. first forecast for saturday, stanford taking on oregon, partly cloudy, light winds, upper 50s dropping down to the mid-50s. light sweater or long sleeve
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shirt. sunday it's going to be dry for the 49ers game at 1:15. partly cloudy, west wind 5-10. temperatures from upper 50s to low 60s. great looking weather no matter what your plans are this coming weekend. upper 50s, mid 60 50s in inland and bayside communities. slightly warmer conditions monday and tuesday with near 70-degree readings inland. we are looking at showers returning by thursday night. continuing possibly into the following weekend as we look way ahead here. we do have wind coming back into the picture but at least not this weekend. >> nice break for us. >> coming up next, the biggest video game launch ever.
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call it the spoils of war. more than 6.5 million copies, call of duty modern warfare 3 have been sold in 24 hours. it earned the game maker $400 million. it beats the record for the previous call of duty game. >> veterans' day has added
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significance, it's 11-11-11. chinese believes it guarantees a marriage for a lifetime. they opened the hall just for weddings. it represents one hundred hus, one wife and one soul in chinese. it brought great luck for a bay area couple. little wylo was born in san francisco. >> let's go to sports. >> larry is here. >> college basketball season is here. what may be the coolest court ever. cal bears opening at home
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emerson murray, knocking it down to camp, big man hits the jumper and more from debuter ez as cal gets on off to a good start. stanford opens the season 91-32 rout. cardinal had five men in double figures. >> north carolina and michigan state tipping off on an aircraft carrier aboard u.s.s. cavl vincent. they had 8,000 in attendance including president obama. look at that scene. it's spectacular. this is henson coming in for a landing on the flight deck. carolina wins. how about the ladies? number five open up in austin, texas, nightclub move. cardinals up by five at the and a half.
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stanford got a victory. 72-59. >> clearly the biggest game for stanford fool fawn team as they host ogz tomorrow night. early wake-up call for the die-hard stanford fans, carolyn johnson, on campus, they kick off the count andown and startig at broadcast at 6:00 a.m. rely yanl sources there is a chance you can see chair oh lynn sleeking in the background. where is the loyalty of the cardinals? >> and as for the game, how to slow down andrew luck. >> do you have a preference? >> i would like to put him in a rocket and send him to the moon for the weekend.
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he can do it all. >> stanford and oregon kick off at 5:00 p.m. right here. you will be awake for the game. you will be up by then? >> all the highlights and live interviews on lexus after the game. i'll tell you how it turned out. tune into 8:30 for the 49ers host the giants sunday. battle of first place teams. people have been asking manning is an elite quarterback. you can't spell elite without ueli. >> patrick willis is going to be a challenge. >> he is playing really good football. johnson is playing really good football. they have a good defense and offense. and it's going to be challenged. >> that should be a good game as will the stanford, oregon game and that is toyota sports
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report. >> any thoughts of that on stanford, organize? >> stanford one, they were on the farm and home field is huge, it was 51-42. so expect a shootout. it will be points galore. >> "nightline" up next. >> our next cast begins tomorrow morning at
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